What would be lost if STEAM learning communities disappeared from the Library?

Someone said “You can find STEAM activities anywhere.”

Can you?

Look around your community. Where do you find STEAM learning communities for children through adults which provide hands on, experiential learning, and fun, in a safe and comfortable environment? Your local Library.

Mott Public Library provides a warm and inviting atmosphere to explore all STEAM learning components with a variety of mediums . We have science experiments and experiences, technology from the microwave to the circuit board, engineering with tooth picks and marshmallows (?) (yes, we build bridges and buildings), Arts with clay, paint, paper, inks, theater and literature, and Math which is a basic part of each of the aforementioned components.

GIVE TODAY to keep STEAM learning in your community for the rest of 2017. We need your donations to keep the learning coming. You are the reason these programs lead to deeper learning, a sense of community and yes, fun for all ages. STEAM communities serve Adults, Teens, Students and Preschoolers.

Mail your check to Mott Public Library 202 E. 3rd St.  Mott, ND 58646 or call the Library at 701-824-2163 and we will send a self addressed envelope for your convenience.