What is your Library E?

     Each patron at the Library can choose their own E. The LEGO Builders today chose their E.  They were Engaged in learning from the two warm up activities: the timed build challenge and the mystery build. They Educated themselves and each other as they built and told stories regarding their builds. Our groups this month have been small, 5-6 Builders, but it has been FUN. We are excited to continue LEGO Builders Wednesday, October 2.
     Empowerment, another Library E, expressed itself in the Caramel Apple making portion of the day. Student patrons gathered to make caramel. It was part experimentation and part following directions. We were fortunate to have an experienced caramel apple maker to help us get through the experience. We laughed, ate a little toffee and did end up with caramel dipped apples. Thank you!
      The next two Library E’s are Employment and Entrepreneurship . Temporary workers, independent contractors and job seekers use the library. The number of temporary workers who are present in our community at any given time may be greater than we think. This time of year custom combiners, roofers, bee keepers, and nursing staff, to name a few, travel to work in this community. They often require copy services, wifi, and local information.
      Libraries are vital to community growth and no longer have only one specific function. There is more than shelves filled with books at your local library. Contemporary library experiences are vastly different from what some may remember from earlier days. Think about how you can or do use the Library. What’s Your E? ™
What’s Next:
  •  Story Time for the Littles 10-11 a.m. Friday, Sept 20- Bubbles, Bubbles
  •  Stitching with heART, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Friday, Sept 20- Fabric Dying
  •  Mott Public Library Board meets on Monday, September 23rd at 6:45
  •  Free 2 Hour Writer’s Workshop Friday, October 11 from 4-6 p.m. with Taylor Brorby brought by Humanities ND, Bismarck State College and ND Council on the Arts
  • Mott Library Friends meet to organize and plan to support the Mott Public Library.
          Thank you for all you do- donate time, money, supplies, books and materials which makes this Library a great place to be and learn.
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