Let’s Learn a Language

You can learn a language during physical distancing and home schooling. Mott residents, just get your library card out and register for an account at Mango Languages. The whole family can join in the fun. Themed meals while speaking a new language can be one way to change it up and add more laughs to your day. The Mango Language tab is just to the right of this page.

Need a Library card? Please contact through fb messenger https://www.facebook.com/mottpubliclibrary/ , comment below, or email us at mottndlibrary@gmail.com. We can get you a number and then mail you your card if you already have an account. Fill out an application online and we will get you set up. It takes just a few minutes.

Vis ses lidt senere. Hasta la vista. Tot ziens. Bis spater. Najung-e boja. See you later.