Fundraising for STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

Mix it. Shake it. Draw it. Blow it up. STEAM After School is for the curious, the adventurous and the exuberant students in grades 1-6 each Monday and Wednesday from 4-5 pm during the school year.

After School activities are numerous and varied at the Mott Public Library. Today featured the Step by Step Drawing Series: Horses, Dogs and Puppies, Cats, Caricatures, Tanks and Military Vehicles, Warplanes and 20 Ways to Draw a Tree. We then took the fabulous sidewalks  outside the Library and illustrated to our hearts content.

We finished our illustrations, shared stories about what we drew and prepared a healthy snack. We had bread, nutella, halo oranges and apple slices with water to drink.

Many of our activities are shared on the Mott Library facebook page, the Eido and The Herald. Please call or message us to find out how you can support After School Activities at the Mott Public Library.



Board Members

I thought I had posted this somewhere on this website, but here it is again.

Mott Public Library Board Members

Melissa Brown, President

Penny Auch, Secretary

Melissa Reidlinger, City Council Delegate

Betsy Weigand, Board Member

Ann Blickesderfer, Board Member


The things we do to read…

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I hid in the bathroom. Quietly snuck in when no one was looking. I was on the edge of the tub, my feet perched on the opposite side, just sitting, with the book on my knees, reading quietly. The dishes did not call to me, neither the laundry, nor the men who often feel hungry for a treat or meal. The pages, I turned them ever so gently. No breeze generated by their movement. No crinkle of paper to alert even the dog. This is how I managed to read the last chapters of, The Heart Shaped Box, by Joe Hill.

The intense thrill of this story, as it reached the final scenes, was delicious. It was the rollercoaster climbing that high peak just before dropping me through the air at high speed, twisting, turning and looping the loop. The quiet stillness of the airy, clean bathroom, warmest room in the house, was the perfect cocoon to lose myself in the story. The characters were me, with me, enveloping me in their terror.

This is not the book you read in the dark, home alone, in the middle of nowhere. This book must be read in the safety of your bathroom, with your family near enough to bring you back to the reality of your own life.

Heart Shaped Box, by Joe Hill comes highly recommended. You will be pulled into the story and drug around with the characters straight through to the very last page. Your breathing will stop and start as you turn the pages and finally, breathe normally as the story releases you from it’s grip.